Contemplate the end of life. What is important? Posted by Hello

Look for the mind. Where is it? Where does the mind live? All dharmas are empty, so what is there to worry about? Posted by Hello

This is a brain, not a mind. Posted by Hello

To purify the mind, see people as skeletons. Posted by Hello

The Laughing Brook is dimpling. Posted by Hello

Hommage to the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sanga. Also, hommage to the square. There is communication between the blogs. This can have to do with Buddhism, but it also has to do with contemporary trends in modern art, another of the portals' blogs. The Buddha states, " If one sees me in form, if one seeks me in sound, he practices a deviant way. And, cannot see the Tathagata." Is it hip to be square? Posted by Hello



Big Buddha. Posted by Hello



The Ten Powers of the Buddha

  1. The Buddha knows in accordance with actual Truth what can be as what can be and what cannot be as what cannot be.
  2. The Buddha knows all karmic activity and all experiences throughout past, present and future times including the location of the karmic action and the associated retribution.
  3. The Buddha knows all the dhyanas, liberations, samadhis, and absorbtions in accordance with actual Truth, the distinctive characteristics defining their relative defilement and purity.
  4. The Buddha knows all the faculties possessed by other beings, and knows in accordance with actual Truth the characteristics by which the faculties qualify as superior or inferior.
  5. He Knows all the different sorts of desires possesed by other beings.
  6. The Buddha knows all of the Worlds' countless categories of different natures.
  7. The Buddha knows the characteristic features of the end point of all paths.
  8. The Buddha knows conclusively the various sorts of previous lifetimes together with their commonly-held characteristics and their commonly-held causes and conditions.
  9. The Buddhas' Heavenly Eye is purified to perfection.
  10. The Buddha has achieved the liberation of the Non-Outflow Mind.



A High Master offers Precepts.

Becoming a Buddhist monk. Posted by Hello

There is nothing "Grand" when it comes to human suffering caused by White Mans' self serving bigotry. The mourners cry in silence.

Remembering the dead. How can this world have such un-immaginable hatred? Posted by Hello

Self Introspection helps when dealing with unfairness.

Practice self introspection.

The First Noble Truth.

The 1st Noble Truth is suffering. Posted by Hello

We are family.

Creating a community in the midist of the self seeking corporations that divide reasonable men.

Protecting Dharama.


Who's your master?

Intoxicants stifle the Buddha Mind.


Smelting away the embers of confusion. Posted by Hello

Following the Buddha's Example.

Sitting under the Bodhi Tree. Posted by Hello

Returning the light to see inside.

Take some time to reflect today.

The Noble Eightfold Path

Melting away the Three Poisons:

  1. Greedy lust (raga)
  2. Hatred (dvesa)
  3. Ignorance, stupidity and delusion (moha)


Right View

Right View - Understanding the Four Noble Truths: (1) Suffering; (2) Accumulation; (3) Cessation; (4) The Way. Also, having penetrating insight in reality, emptiness and dependent origination. Posted by Hello

Right Speech

Right Speech - Abstention from lying, slander, harsh or abusive language, and idle chatter. Posted by Hello

Right Action

4.) Right Action - Conducting oneself in moral, peaceful, and honorable ways, and keeping the five precepts: (1) no killing; (2) no stealing; (3) no loose, harming or false speach; (4) no sexual misconduct; (5) no alchohol. Posted by Hello

Right Livelihoods

5.) Right Livelihoods - Living honorably in a profession that in no way harms living beings, and avoiding such livelihoods as trading in weapons, intoxicants, or poisons. Posted by Hello

Right Effort

6.) Right Effort - (1) effort not to initiate sins not yet arisen; (2) effort to eliminate sins already arisen; (3) effort to initiate virtues not already arisen; (4) effort to consolidate, increase, and not deteriorate virtues already arisen. Posted by Hello

Right Mindfullness

7.) Right Mindfullness - Practicing loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. Posted by Hello

Right Concentration

8.) Right Concentration Posted by Hello



Realize Mutual Interpenetration.

What is large and What is small?
Posted by Hello

Notice the Four Marks (Diamond Sutra)

Notice the four marks:

  1. Self:
  2. Clinging to the belief of a permanent, unchanging self.

  3. Others:
  4. Clinging to the belief of others as separate from ones' self.

  5. Sentient Beings:
  6. Clinging to the permanent and separate existence of all species and appearances.

  7. Life:
  8. Clinging to the belief in a permanent entity that migrates from one rebirth to the next.


Liberate your friends.


by Hal Cooper. 2005 Posted by Hello

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